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Every industry has its own set of security and business intelligence challenges that demand specific solutions. Our open platforms and broad selection of video-capture solutions combine with powerful AI-driven analytics to deliver intelligent solutions with new levels of data contextualization. Core industries of focus include:

K-12 Education

Create safe and secure learning environments while maintaining tight controls and surveillance with complete confidence.


High performance, open platform, and intelligent surveillance solutions protect the public, maintain privacy, and help better manage city-wide operations.

Senior Living Facilities

Curtail resident elopements while maintaining safe and secure environments for seniors and employees.


Intelligent integrated system solutions provide better protection for both prisoners and guards, improving facility-wide operations.

Mass Transportation

Seamlessly integrated surveillance and access control platforms with advanced analytics like facial recognition keep travelers safe without hindering employee mobility.

Homeland Security

Best-in-class video imaging solutions for physical security with the cyber protections you need for compliance.

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